A cultural disease is haunting the world: Imoism.

All the powers of the new world have entered into an unholy alliance to spread this disease: radio, television, newspapers, governments, foundations, NGOs, supranational institutions.

Where are the politicians, journalists, economists, sociologists, writers, who do not deserve the infamous accuse of Imoism?

Two consequences result from this fact:

Imoism must now be recognized and fought by all sensible people.

It is high time that anti-Imoists should openly, in the face of the whole world, expose their views and their aims, opposed to the paradox of Imoism.

To this end, anti-Imoist of various social and cultural backgrounds have assembled and sketched the following Manifesto:

The time is ripe! Discover the veil!

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggling opinions: wise man and idiot, Homo sapiens and Homo insapiens, stood always in constant opposition to one another, carried on an interrupted fight between right and wrong, between common sense and foolishness.

This has been possible so far because many didn’t want to recognize that the emperor has no clothes, afraid, as subjects of the sovereign, to be at first held up as fools and then marginalized.

Imoism is born of the demented union between the paradoxical absolutist use of cultural relativism and the wrong perception of the right to freedom of expression.

It spreads everywhere like a virus, regardless of race, creed, social status, literacy level.

It strikes unexpectedly, just when you think you are immune.

If exposed to infection, individuals end up saying nonsense words, as if they were pearls of wisdom, and claiming that they should be considered respectable.

Don’t be immunodeficient!

Bullshit, as legitimately expressed, are always bullshit!

Given that the anti-Imoist Movement


  • the equal dignity of every individual as such;
  • the freedom of expression as an inalienable right of every human being;
  • the existence in nature of differences between individuals;
  • the value of relativism itself;

believes that

  • not all opinions are of equal value;
  • not recognizing the differences between individuals is as denying Nature;
  • every individual can recognize his limitations without having to feel miserable;
  • locutions such as In my opinion, Yes but, Yes however, I am no expert but, are deplorable when used for imoist purposes;

and considers as a duty

  • being politically incorrect when society is corrupt;
  • using reason to rebel against clich├ęs, hypocrisy, alignment;
  • freeing the world from the cultural scourge of Imoism, whose harmful effects are now evident at any cultural, social, political and economic level.